Travelling with children 

Villa Galatea

Travelling with children

Peaceful vacation for the whole family

Firsthand experience is the best assurance.  Travelling all over the world with children of all ages, has taught us a lot and this is why it is a priority for us to make families feel at ease, for a truly unforgettable vacation.

Villa Galatea, like the other houses of Garden House Lazzerini Holidays is complete with all the accessories for the littlest ones and they are available free of charge.  Families thus do not need to travel with a lot of extra items:  everything is already available inside Villa Galatea.

Included items

  • Crib 0-4 years old
  • Child’s toilet seat adapter
  • Stroller
  • Baby bath tub
  • Child’s dinnerware set
  • Beach gadgets for children: bucket, spade and armrests for the sea
  • Highchair
  • Netflix
  • Bike with child seat
  • Swim armbands
  • Toys
  • Pool floats

San Vincenzo for the family

San Vincenzo is the ideal place to spend a vacation suitable for children.

  • Many kilometers of beach, both free and equipped, with fine golden sand without rocks
  • Safety in the water: the shoreline slopes gradually, keeping the water level shallow for many meters
  • Mild climate all year, thanks to its favorable position on the Tuscan coast.  Protected by the coastal hills, San Vincenzo enjoys mild temperatures and, in the summer, a constant and gentle breeze
  • A city center to be fully experienced.  With its large pedestrian zone, San Vincenzo is suitable for walking, allowing you to have everything close and easily reachable.  With its many shops and restaurants, it is ideal for peaceful walks.  Thanks to numerous events, San Vincenzo offers enjoyable occasions all year long, letting you rediscover peaceful travel, ideal for those who love a relaxed pace and for families.

Experience San Vincenzo all year round!

Not just seaside tourism:  our area offers many options for the family, all great alternatives to the beach on a gray day and are enjoyable to discover at any time of the year.

Ready for a family outing?

Here is our best advice.



  • “Ghirigoro”, in San Vincenzo, a practical meeting point in the city center, equipped with miniature golf, inflatables and games for the little ones
  • “Cavallino Matto” in Marina di Castagneto Carducci, the largest amusement park on the coast. Surrounded by greenery, it has attractions for the little ones as well as for older kids
  • Holiday Park in San Vincenzo, on Via della Principessa, with trampolines and other games
  • Pino d’Oro, in Marina di Castagneto Carducci, with a skating rink
  • Giardino Sospeso, in Riparbella
  • Tasso Scatenato, il Puntone, in Scarlino

Nature and the Territory

  • Parco Archeologico di Populonia (the Archaeological Park of Populonia): sea and mainland, embrace in this magical place that has many artifacts of the Etruscans ready for us to discover
  • Miniera del Temperino (Temperino Mine): discover the mines in the area with a tour on a tourist train
  • Museums of Piombino See the complete section in our tourist guide

Let’s discover the animals!

  • Lento ASD (San Vincenzo, Via San Bartolo 100): to gain confidence with horses and donkeys, to care for them and to ride them (even the little ones)
  • Oasi del WWF Padule di Bolgheri (WWF Oasis Padule of Bolgheri): the first protected area in Italy.  A beautiful oasis where you can admire the natural beauty of the Tuscan coast, it also represents a special refuge for many animals, where you can see them roam freely in their natural habitat
  • Zoo Gallorose: the zoo in Cecina, where you will find animals from all over the world
  • Livorno Aquarium

Walking in San Vincenzo

Walking in San Vincenzo is always pleasant and it is also easy with small children and/or strollers.   Thanks to the presence of the coastal pine forest and sandy beaches, it is also possible to take advantage of the many paths on foot outside of the city center, with varying degrees of difficulty but immersed in nature.

  • The Sailor’s Walk:  the most famous walk in San Vincenzo, it is easy and all on asphalt.  It begins at the city gate and ends at the famous Sailor statue.  Suitable also for the little ones, the Sailor’s Walk lets you see the islands on the horizon and it is enriched by splendid mosaics
  • Beach walk from San Vincenzo to Marina di Donoratico:  more difficult (7 km on the beach), it is recommended for autumn and spring
  • Parco di Rimigliano: a natural coastal park, where it is possible to walk in the shade of pines and oaks. Ideal for outdoor lunches in the midst of nature
  • Corbezzolo Path:  around 15 km.  It begins on Via Volta and arrives in the village of San Carlo.  The first 5 km are easy and not steep and can be done with a stroller, beautiful view of the sea
  • Ginepro Path, –Via delle Dune: very picturesque path that finishes at the Parco di Rimigliano
  • Walk from San Vincenzo to Populonia

For more information on these and other routes see the Trekking section!

The Villages

San Vincenzo is surrounded by many small charming and picturesque hill towns. Rich in history, the Tuscan villages offer breathtaking views and it will be fun for kids to discover new places.
Each village has its own traditions and events. Especially in the summer there are many festivals, unique occasions when these towns come alive offering a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere, full of good food and celebration.
Some of the nearby villages:

  • Bolgheri
  • Castagneto Carducci
  • Bibbona
  • Suvereto
  • Campiglia Marittima
  • Sassetta
  • Populonia

Tuscan Archipelago

Elba, Capraia and Pianosa are the most popular destinations in the Tuscan Archipelago and are easily reached from San Vincenzo and Piombino by motorboat.  Ideal for an excursion, they have beautiful views, the world’s most unique beaches and are rich with historical sites to discover.
The most unique?  Certainly Pianosa.  Former island prison, it has recently reopened for tourism, although controlled, revealing an earthly paradise absolutely not to be missed.

The Baths

Relaxation and well-being for the whole family: Calidario Terme Etrusche.
With ancient origins, these natural springs are the ideal refuge for the family in search of well-being.
Scenic and welcoming, the Terme di Calidario are also enjoyable for even the little ones, who we are sure will appreciate the large thermal pool.

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